DS200M 2   



DS200M supports IP, analog, digital and ISDN lines
DS200M 2   



DS200M supports IP, analog, digital and ISDN lines


DS200M provides analog, digital and ISDN and IP compliant solutions that allow simultaneous communication of audio, video and data for rapid, quality and multi-purpose communication to the mid-sized businesses with advanced communication needs.
Expansion capability up to 144 TDM (analog and digital lines) and 750 IP lines

Key Features

  • Remote systems can be operated as a single system with the IP bridge established between the different departments of the business.
  • IP communication performed over the IP bridge provides reasonable savings in communication costs.
  • Provides benefits of IP communication in analog, digital, ISDN and IP platforms.


Flexible Capacity and Peripheral Options
DS200M supports proprietary IP extensions and SIP for extensions and both SIP and H.323 protocols and new generation audio compression algorithms in external lines. Thus, they provide the flexibility to use different peripherals.
Peripherals that can be used with DS200M:

  • Standard SIP and Karel SIP Phones
  • Video SIP Phones
  • WiFi SIP Phones
  • Mobile phones that support SIP software
  • IP DECTSystem (IP DECT base stations and IP DECT handsets that support SIP signaling protocol)
  • Other terminals with SIP support

IP communication applications
Extensions are not required to be in the same location with the PBX. Extensions can communicate continuously with terminals that can communicate over IP such as IP phones, IP soft-phones, WiFi phones or VoIP enabled smart phones etc. from any point and at any time.
Remote Office applications
In businesses with multiple locations, any extension in a branch office can get connected to the exchange in the head office directly over Internet with various IP terminals without any additional equipment.
The fact that remote PBX extensions can call each other using their extension numbers by building a network structure with PBXs in several locations provides convenience and economy in communications.
DS200M operates interactively with other SIP and H.323 compliant devices (PBX, gateway etc.) and provides cost-effective and high quality communications over the data networks that are already available or that will be established in the future.
Video Calls
All IP extensions connected to DS200M can make video calls between themselves or through external IP lines using videophones, special sets or smart phones.
DS200M provides mobility in business life with its support for communication regardless of the location. Mobile employees of the business using smart mobile phones with SIP support can use system features by subscribing to the exchange over WiFi or 3G.
Unified Communications Applications
DS200M provides unified communications applications such as Voice-over-IP, fax-over-IP, call recording, conference call, video call, monitoring presence, instant messaging, mobile applications, remote extensions and remote office within a single unified system.
Presence allows other extensions to see whether the extension is available, busy, online/offline and the special status that is set by the person himself/herself with a text entry. Thanks to the Presence feature, it becomes possible to access the relevant person with the quickest and most suitable method.
Instant Messaging
Extensions can communicate with each other instantly in written form. Communication is performed very quickly and can be recorded thanks to Instant Messaging. It is possible to examine Instant Messaging records to prevent any disputes.


EVM200, The Automatic Call Greeting, Call Distribution (ACD) and Voicemail Module, distributes the incoming calls to the called extension or department interactively without the need for the intervention of an operator. Voicemail feature allows other extensions or external callers to leave a message for the extension they have called. Extensions can access these messages from another place. This configuration, which allows the system to answer 32 calls simultaneously and its voicemail capacity to be increased to a value over 20 hours, helps in decreasing the workload of the employees and increasing the efficiency of the organization.
ACD application, included as integrated in the software of DS200M, provides 4 channel automatic call greeting and forwarding features when EVM200 is not used in the system.
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
DS200M is convenient thanks to the computer telephony integration (CTI) feature that integrates the telephony functions with available business applications. Server that supports CTI operations is integrated to DS200M. An individual PC/Server equipment is not required. Net-Console software allows using the CTI features of communication system for analog and digital extensions on the PCs.
Call Recording Software
Call record listing software allows lowering the costs by keeping the communication expenses under control. DS200M allows call charging by recording information of all calls, and with methods like detecting the metering pulses and polarity reversal and rated virtual charging. Net-CM application allows transferring the call records to any PC on the network to be used for charging, reporting and various analyses.
Web based Web-CM application allows access to call record lists of several PBXs from anywhere at any time, and taking reports specific to an extension.
Least Cost Routing (LCR)
DS200M can direct the calls to the route with the lowest cost thanks to the least cost routing feature. Thus, LCR feature provides a great saving in the communication costs that takes an important place in the operational costs.
Alternative route feature allows the calls to be made through other routes if they cannot be made through the first route preference. Particularly, routing the calls to IP operators over IP external lines provide a high level of saving in communication costs.
Conference Room
Extensions may use their own Conference Rooms that may be personally configured and managed to perform more controllable conference calls with higher capacity.
QoS Support
It ensures continuity of the audio quality by monitoring the performance on the network and taking necessary precautions.
Firewall protects the system against SIP attacks and provides secure communication.
Encrypted Calls
Standard sRTP/TLS encryption ensures high level of security in audio communications without the need for VPN installation.
High Audio Quality
DS200M features advanced audio codecs. Thus, perfect audio quality is obtained with standard terminals with HD audio quality support and Karel HD terminals.
Advanced Central Phonebook
Extensions can enter information to the common memory on DS200M. Extensions can easily search PBX phonebook and central phonebook using names and T9 algorithm from their special phone sets. LDAP compliant phone sets can also use this feature when the phonebooks are uploaded to an external server thanks to the Central Phonebook application that supports LDAP protocol. In this way, previous phonebooks of the businesses before the new installation can be directly used by the extensions thanks to the LDAP integration.


Multi PBX Programmer
Several systems at the same location or at different locations may be remotely managed and updated from a single point and a single interface.
Automatic Back-Up Manager
DS200M can be backed up easily from any location by specifying the start time.
Alarm Software
Status of all DS200M towers installed in the communication network can be monitored from a single point.
Alarm warnings are displayed visually and audibly and system manager is informed by e-mail and SMS.
Embedded SNMP interface ensures management of multi-location systems from a single point and that many settings are performed rapidly with standard SNMP softwares without any need for special applications.
Software on the central processor may be updated by different connection methods such as TFTP and SNMP.


Software Features

  • Calling from memory (general/individual)
  • Company Phonebook
  • Instant Messaging
  • Presence
  • Quos
  • sRTP/TLS / IP encryption
  • Alarm center
  • SNMP
  • Automatic calling
  • Warning to busy extension
  •  Call Back
  • Busy external line
  • Busy extension
  • Missed call
  • Call hold
  • Call parking
  • Call transfer
  • Executive secretary grouping
  • Conference
  • Conference room
  • Do not disturb
  • Flexible numbering
  • Call forwarding; all calls, in the night mode, busy extension, missed call
  • Emergency(Hot) line
  • Intervention
  • External line selection
  • External line to external line connection
  • Redial
  • Using passwords
  • Phone lock
  • Call hunting
  • Music on hold
  • Reminder/wake-up service
  • Volume setting

Operator Features

  • Account coded call
  • Automatic line holdi
  • Automatic system check
  • Call restriction
  • Direct access to an extension
  • Different ring cadences
  • External call forwarding
  • Facsimile forwarding
  • Least cost routing (LCR)
  • External line access groups
  • Extension authorization level
  • Automatic external line opening
  • Night service
  • System query from the display
  • Equal load distribution for the operators
  • External line and extension connection in power failures
  • Remote programming
  • Remote system reset
  • Extension groups
  • Serial call transfer
  • System administrator
  • Intervention authorization control
  • Adjustable holding and parking times
  • Adjustable flashing time
  • MF/DP call

Technical Features

  • Calling line identification restriction (CLIR)
  • Calling line number identification presentation(CDLP)
  • Connected line identification restriction (COLR)
  • Charging; start of call (AOC-S), during call (AOC-O), end of call (AOC-E)
  • Multiple subscriber numbering (MSN)
  • Direct dial-in (DDI)
  • Point-to-point connection
  • Point-to-multi-point connection
  • Displaying network messages
  • Enabling of the auxiliary processor board without interrupting the continuing calls when the main processor board is disabled (Hot-standby)
  • 10/100 BaseT (Ethernet) Communication Speed : 100Mbps (Ethernet),
  • Applications and compliance: PBX, CO , RURAL, STP, SP, TANDEM, TRANSİT, TAFICS / DSS1, EURO ISDN, Q-SIG, SS7, ISUP, MTP, CAS1B, CAS2B, R1, R2, 1VF

Hotel Specific PBX Features

  • Hotel room extension identification
  • Check-in and check-out
  • Hotel room status (occupied, unoccupied, reserved)
  • Room monitoring (Clean, not clean, being cleaned)
  • Meet meservice
  • Time restriction
  • Call authorization level



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