LTD “Mini Telecommunication Systems” (Minitelsy) was founded in 1998 in Tbilisi. Company’s main sphere of activities consists of projecting small and medium capacity communication and other technology systems, delivering of equipment, installing and service for organizations, enterprises, offices etc.

    After foundation, till today had been made different kind projects and big professional experience have been gained. Besides, the firm is in close attitudes with several foreign companies, producing communication and other equipment. “Minitelsy” engineers had trainings and possess related certificates.

    For today “Minitelsy” represents several foreign companies in Georgia, such as:

  • Telecommunication equipment and system producing company KAREL Electronics Corporation (; We are KAREL’s exclusive representatives in Georgia and offer the newest technologies for businec and corporative telecommunication for today.
  • Conferencing system producing company SAMCEN ( We are Samsen’s exclusive representatives in Georgia and offer modern and high technological conferencing systems, as for conference halls, as for conference calls. .
  • The developer and manufacturer of high-quality specialized equipment for receiving and distributing satellite, radio and cable television signals Terra ( We are Terra’s distributor in Georgia.
  • Couple in motion weighing computer system producing company RAILWEIGHT (; We are Railweight’s official representatives in Transcaucasia. Railweight is a number 1 brand in the world in its field.

    After foundation, during 20 years we made above mentioned works in a few dozen state and private organizations.

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