IP TV Equipment

The penetration to our everyday lives of laptops, mobile phones, tablets, smart TVs and other video devices creates the growing demand for distribution of visual content over local area networks in buildings. Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) has flexible distribution capabilities over PC networks and provides additional interactive features.

IPTV is the delivery of media content, videos or broadcast television through an IP network.IPTV Headends, other devices and software solutions enables streaming of broadcasting programs from DBS satellites, terrestrial towers and cable TV (CATV) networks as well content from external DVB source through ASI interface.

IPTV streaming is used to transmit TV signals to: homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, stadiums...and is often integrated with interactive services.

In order to provide more flexible TV services to hotels and some other companies, modern IPTV Hospitality systems are recommended, which integrate the provision of information, entertainment and specific services through the existing Ethernet network.

This provides hotel branding and revenue growth and improves the quality of guest service by providing services such as: encrypted channels, booking, local weather forecasting, ticket booking, room status and much more.


Diagram of IP streaming with TERRA equipment



Diagram of IPTV system with DIBSYS equipment







IPTV Gateways

 IPTV Gateway


Receiver IP Gateway



Q4 IP To RF Modulator


Q1 FTA to RF Modulator


Q2 Encoder-Modulator

IP Modulator
IP Modulator
IP Modulator

DVB to IP & HDMI to IP streaming system

sti440 lsdi480 l

sti440, sdi480

  sdi410C l

sdi410C, sti410C, sai410C, sda410C, sta410C, saa410C



DVB-T/T2/C to IP Multichannel streamer
DVB-S/S2 to IP Multichannel streamer
DVB to IP streamers
ASI to IP streamers
Triple HDMI to DVB-IP encoder

IP DVB modulators

 miq440 l

mig440, max440, mid420

Quatro and twin channels IP to DVB modulators

 IP TV receiver

IF 442HD sm




IP Set-Top box
Power supply module for DIN plate mounting
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