• Service of organizations and private persons.
  • Projecting of internal and corporate communication systems (Telephony, computer network, mobile radio communication, video surveillance, TV, conference system), including projecting unified communication systems.
  • Delivering and Installation of Karel Telecommunication systems.
  • Delivering and installation of Samcen Conferencing systems.
  • Delivering and installation of Terra Television systems.
  • Projecting, Delivering, installation and calibration of Railweight electronic train weighing systems.
  • Installations and testing of internal cable and wireless networks.
  • Delivering equipment to the customer.
  • Minimum 1 year guarantee service after signing acceptance act (Guarantee service does not apply on equipment and software damaged by external exposure).
  • After guarantee period, in case of mutual agreement, Technical service of the system based on corresponding agreement.
  • Selling accessories and spare parts of the system according to customer’s request during the entire exploitation period of the system.
  • Training of the stuff, giving relevant certificates.

 MTS service

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