DECT System

DECT(Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) is a digital wireless technology that originated in Europe, but is now used worldwide. This wireless communication solution allows employees to be mobile within an organization without having to use costly cellphones.

DECT is a radio technology for voice and data applications (such as cordless telephones, wireless offices and even wireless telephone lines to the home).

Cordless IP DECT telephones in office environments increase employee mobility and thus company efficiency. There are various IP DECT telephones for the IP PBX system to cover different requirements based on DECT, WiFi and GSM technologies

The IP DECT supports DECT standards in all major regions in the world and it is a complete turnkey solution offering a scalability not seen before in this segment. This allows the system to grow from 1 to 40 bases and up to 200 users. Furthermore, MINITELSY also provides high quality color screen CAT-iq handsets supporting the wideband audio functionality in the base station.


DB260 IP DECT Base Station


DE260 IP DECT Handset




DB211 IP DECT Base Station


DE242 DE243


DE242(243) IP DECT Hand Held Units

200 Handsets can be registered
40 Baze Station - to 1 PBX system
176x220 pix. Color Display
10000 Hand units can be registered
1000 Baze Station - to 1 PBX system
Color Display
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