Hotel IPTV Hospitality    

IPTV Hospitality

IPTV Hospitality Solution


 Hotel IPTV Hospitality    

IPTV Hospitality

IPTV Hospitality Solution




  • IPTV is Guests entertainment-oriented

IPTV Combines TV, advertising, alerts, scheduling, etc. all in the hotel

  • Reduce hotel labor cost

IPTV can serve as a robot to streamline a variety of tasks in order to decrease staff workload

  • 24 hours interactive service

Hotel IPTV system is just like an ATM in the bank, guests can enjoy service and place orders any time they want

  • Statistic data for your guests' interest

Such as obtaining watching behavior and other entertainment-related data to adjust and enhance your marketing and operations.



  • High quality digital signal
    • Numerous satellite and decimetric channels
    • Quality internet channels
    • Add cable channels
    • Use of high quality media content from the hotel archives
  • Easy to configure
    • Select and sort the number of channels on demand
    • Selecting and customizing services for relevant task
  • Compatibility
    • TV with network terminal (Samsung, Lg)
    • With optical and analog network
    • with various IPTV hardware sources

Interface & Functions


This is luxury version of Hotel IPTV, thousands of materials are available for selection, terminal interface can be customized according to the style that the customer likes. 







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