IP116     IP116 IP Phone

 IP Phone with Advanced Features


IP116     IP116 IP Phone

 IP Phone with Advanced Features



Operating with Karel IP PBXs and other SIP compliant products, KAREL IP116 IP Phone provides uninterrupted communication in anywhere with internet connection with its aesthetic design HD audio quality, large illuminated graphic display and its other differentiating features.


  • Mobile or remote office users can become an extension to the PBX in the headquarters over internet thanks to the IP phone application provided by Karel IP PBXs.
  • IP Phone Application used in Multi-branch Companies provides great economy in communication costs and allows accessibility from anywhere anytime
  • IP116 IP communicates with Karel IP PBXs over SIP protocol. These phones support G.711, G.729, G.723, G.722 and G.726 audio codecs. IP phones with handsfree feature and headphone output can be used in call center applications, too.
  • IP116 provides HD audio quality (Broadband G.722 HD audio codec).
  • Both computers and phones can be operated over the network cable thanks to 2 port ethernet switch on IP116. With the PoE support, IP116 can be operated without any adapter if compliant network equipment is used.
  • Frequently used features are easily accessible thanks to the message, headset, conference, hold, mute, transfer, redial and handsfree keys on the phone. Also, frequently called numbers can be entered to 10 fast dial keys on the phone. Message light warns the user visually when a voicemail is sent to the extension.


  • SIP support
  • HD audio quality
  • XML phonebook support
  • Support for 6 active lines simultaneously
  • 320x160 pixels 4 level grey tone 4” graphic LCD
  • 4 softkeys associated with the user-friendly display
  • 6 line management, approval and direction keys
  • Caller ID
  • G. 729A, G.729B, G. 723, G. 726, G.711, G.722 codec support
  • Audio encryption and password security with sRTP and MD5
  • Secure communication with UDP/TCP/TLS support
  • 2 ethernet switch port
  • 3 lines conference call
  • 10 fast dial keys
  • Headphone output and headphone control key
  • Full-Dublex handsfree calling
  • Volume control key
  • Message Waiting Indication LED
  • Phonebook that supports up to 300 records
  • Date & Time information
  • Redial
  • Incoming call restriction
  • Do not disturb
  • Call hold
  • Forwarding
  • Transfer
  • User settings are stored in a power cut-off
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